universal design award 2011

114 entries from fourteen countries from around the world were submitted in this year′s
competition. Two juries awarded a total of 56 prizes: the jury of experts presented
26 entries with the »universal design award 2010« - 23 products were
honored with both awards.

Winners of both awards 2011

Product — LAUFEN pro Liberty Keramik-Waschtisch
Design — Inhouse
Manufacturer — Laufen Bathrooms AG, Schweiz

The Laufen ceramic washstand offers convenience, functionality in combina-
tion with good design. The was ... [more]

Product — Lb3 Comfort Toilet
Design — Ludovica Palomba & Roberto Palomba
Manufacturer — Laufen Bathrooms AG, Schweiz

The Lb3 WC is a toilet made by the Swiss-based company, Laufen, that is 6
cm higher than standar ... [more]

Winners universal design award 2011

Product — Türdrücker 211
Design — Tesseraux+Partner, Potsdam, Germany
Manufacturer — HEWI, Heinrich Wilke GmbH,
Bad Arolsen, Germany

Inspired by the design classic 111, the new lever door handle 211 is a consi-
s ... [more]

Product — Waschtischserie 950
Design — Phoenix Design GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany
Manufacturer — HEWI, Heinrich Wilke GmbH,
Bad Arolsen, Germany

The two washbasins made from high-quality cast mineral composi ... [more]

Winners consumer favorite 2011
bimobil – A multifunctional, foldable three-wheeler for two
Product — bimobil – Dreirad für Zwei
Design — Edgar Klitsch
Manufacturer — ib-klitsch.de Ingenieurbüro für Produkt-
entwicklung und Konstruktion, Bielefeld, Germany

The bimobil is a multifunctional basic vehicle that can be altered and expan-
ded and can serve the user as a push-chair, a tandem, a rickshaw or a safe
way to transport children by bicycle. Bimobil meets the needs of different
user groups: parents with a toddler will find it just as handy as someone ac-
companying a person with impaired mobility.
One significant advantage is the fact that this vehicle can be taken along
without restriction on any public transport system – regardless of whether or
not you are also transporting a load. Another advantage is that the bimobil,
compact and partially taken apart, can be easily pushed along while carrying
another load.

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