universal design award 2011

114 entries from fourteen countries from around the world were submitted in this year′s
competition. Two juries awarded a total of 56 prizes: the jury of experts presented
26 entries with the »universal design award 2010« - 23 products were
honored with both awards.

Winners of both awards 2011
A more pleasant way to drink
Product — Becher Vital
Design — ORNAMIN Design Team
W. Zschetzsche GmbH & Co. KG

The Vital cup was specially designed to accommodate the needs of bed-
ridden patients or persons with limited mobility in their upper body or neck.
The entire contents of the cup can be emptied easily and completely without
the cup having to be tipped up.
This allows the user to drink independently and handle the cup intuitively and
is far superior in use to more familiar spill-proof cups. The Vital cup also has
a thermofunction: it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks stay refreshingly

Winners universal design award 2011

Product — 3D-Camcorder mit integriertem Doppelobjektiv AG-3DA1
Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera Recorder AG-3DA1
Design — Hiroyuki Mizokawa, Yoshihito Morishita, Yasuki Mori
Manufacturer — Panasonic Corporation

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Product — Kleinformatige LED-Leuchte (Standard-Typ)
LED lightbulb small lamp type (standard)
Design — Yutaka Murakami
Manufacturer — Panasonic Corporation

The new LED lamp is as compact as a mini-lamp and suitable ... [more]

Winners consumer favorite 2011

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